12 Month Subscription

The 12 Month Subscription is the best option if you feel like you want to try the whole concept of Mia's Groovy Fiddle Academy. You get best value for your money, and also the best opportunity to really dig into the material and have some time to process it and keep working. You have access to the whole online material; all the video files, sheet music and text documents. You also get access to the monthly Zoom meetings, where you get to participate in masterclasses, have possibility to get your questions answered live and to network with Mia and the whole Academy. 

The 12 Month Subscription is automatically renewed after the 12 months have passed. If you feel like ending your subscription, you can easily find the way to do so in your user info when you're signed in. Read more about it here (this link only works if you are signed in): Frequently asked questions. If it for some reason wouldn't work, simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I hope that you will have so much fun that you decide to continue using fiddleacademy for a long time to come. :-)

Duration: 12 months
Price: 190€